We were engaged to create a two-night celebratory event for customers and employees to mark the 150th anniversary of an international risk-management organization, headquartered in Norway, with ties to multiples industries and governments.

The event needed to be part historical retrospective, but more importantly, focus the thought process toward the future, particularly in the arena of economic, environmental and social sustainability.  The client had just commissioned a new video, which was to be the centerpiece of the event and was created using the same state-of-the-art technology employed in the movie Gravity.

The tone of the event needed to feature the organization's on-going efforts to create a sustainable world while acknowledging their risk-management business in multiple industries.  We also needed to match the video's technology and style while being tastefully celebratory for multiple nationalities and cultural sensibilities.

After researching the organization, we decided to focus the event around three of the company's core values:

  • Collaboration and innovation
  • Youth leadership
  • Effecting change through creativity and good storytelling

We created a dinner theater experience and decided the grandeur and understated elegance of the Hobby Center and Sarofim Hall to be the perfect venue.  And who would the entertainers be?  We engaged the students and faculty of Houston's own High School for the Performing and Visual Arts to create and execute ALL entertainment.

Over 70 students performed at the events with additional students participating in the writing and planning stages at the school.  Six faculty members accompanied the students and work with them in class and after call to prepare for the events.  Our director had artistic discretion and guided the entire show form concept to execution and was intimately involved in the shaping of the entire production to ensure all objectives and goals were met or exceeded.

The end result were two seamless evenings of multiple-discipline and multi-media entertainment that embodied the client's core values, celebrated the company's history and invited guests to look to the future.  The customer event ended with a post-dinner reception and a student jazz trio and the employee event ended with a fantastic dance band.  As an added bonus, our client was very proud that their entertainment dollars were supporting a world-class Houston school.

This innovative and collaborative event was recognized by our peers and won the 2015 International Special Events Society award for Best Unique Entertainment.