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Planning Company Parties for Decades

Sullivan Group, Houston’s top corporate milestone event planner, has been honored to have been tasked with corporate milestone planning and business anniversary celebration planning over the years. Event planning for these milestone events can range from local celebrations such as an intimate dinner for clients and employees or having name entertainment with hundreds of guests. These events can take place at the company headquarters or even offsite venues, such as a hotel, restaurant or theater. Our creative team of event planners has even transformed a CEO’s backyard into a mesmerizing experiential event with strategic lighting and decor.

What Would Be An Appropriate Celebration For A Company Anniversary?

Deciding what type of corporate milestone celebration to create depends on the company’s culture, size, and event preference. One company (featured in our gallery) wanted to celebrate 30 years, and they went all out. One night there was a private party for the current employees with a live concert from Don Felder. This was a more intimate gathering in the owner’s backyard. The next night the company milestone celebration included a dinner with entertainment by a comedian.

Dinner included all of the people who had been involved with the company over the last 30 years such as partners and vendors. On the final day, Steve Wozniak, an electronics engineer, programmer, philanthropist, and technology entrepreneur talked with the employees. Later that afternoon, the corporate milestone celebration continued with a crawfish boil. This was a large-scale, multi-day event for a major milestone, but it’s a good example of the variety of events that can be planned for a company anniversary party. A one-year celebration can be just as exciting as a 10 or 50-year anniversary celebration.

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What Is A Corporate Milestone Celebration?
A corporate milestone celebration is the acknowledgment and celebration of a defined and measurable corporate accomplishment. Being in business for 10 years or opening a third location is an example of a corporate accomplishment. A corporate anniversary or company birthday is a great reason to celebrate the number of years the company has been in business. Other corporate milestones would include growth-related markers such as reaching a certain sales threshold or breaking an annual sales record. Simply put, any measurable event is an achievement worth celebrating.
My Company Anniversary Party Guest List Is Getting Out Of Hand. Can We Change Venues?
Sullivan Group encourages clients to generate a guest list of people with the event objectives in mind prior to contracting a venue. We understand, however, that guests may need to be invited to the event after the fact which may violate venue capacity regulations. Pending the signed contract, you may be able to change venues altogether or simply upgrade to a larger space within the currently contracted venue. Sullivan Group is happy to help you navigate these adjustments and contract negotiations.
What Is The Best Night Of The Week For A Company Party?
We have found Thursday night is the best night for an employee party. Weekends tend to be challenging because of extracurricular activity schedules and travel.
Where Does The Company Milestone Planning Process Begin?

The first step in planning your milestone event is to determine the size and scope of the celebration. Keep in mind, inviting past and current employees, as well as your customers to their celebration event, can be beneficial. The messaging and objectives behind the event should be considered when creating your guest list. Once you have an idea of the guest count, Sullivan Group will next coach you in determining whether the event would be best suited at your office building or at an offsite venue. We will present options regarding off-site venues if desired, theme, entertainment, and food and beverage for your event. Once your event objectives are conveyed, Sullivan Group’s corporate milestone and business anniversary planning team will plan the details and flawlessly execute the event.  

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Sullivan Group Corporate Milestone And Company Anniversary Party Planning Service

Sullivan Group recommends including past employees, even if that means sending a simple card to say thank you for their contribution towards the company’s achievement. When you’re ready to start planning your company’s next celebration, reach out to us! We’d love to help inspire and create a memorable event for your company.

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