How to Find Your Next Corporate Event Vendor

Nothing can sink a corporate event quicker than low-quality or unreliable vendors. When things go wrong, it reflects on you: sound that cuts out, food that’s poorly cooked, rentals that never show up and more. Meanwhile, a good vendor will be your reliable partner in producing a successful corporate event. They can be flexible and help you find solutions to anything that comes up. That’s why finding the right vendors is crucial. Here are some tips for finding the right corporate event vendors in Houston.

Stay Open

As you work in event production over time, you’ll gradually build a network of relationships with various vendors and other people in the industry. This is how you effectively get to know other vendors and their reputations. Even when you’re not actively looking for a particular vendor for a company event, you should always be open to connecting with a new potential vendor.

Every company conference vendor you add to your network of partnerships is another weapon in your arsenal for producing the perfect event. You should always be looking for the next big thing and more impressive vendors that fit your vision. Sometimes vendors find us instead of the other way around. It’s up to you to be open to that when it happens and be ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

The Right Fit

To really be successful, an event needs vendors that are on the same page. You need to be able to work effectively with a vendor for a company conference and build a vision for your event together. If you don’t share your philosophy with the vendor, their services are not likely to match exactly what you’re looking for, and your partnership won’t be as fruitful.

If you are working on a range of different projects and events, you might not be able to use the same vendors for each one. Just like every vendor is different, every project is different, and you need to adapt carefully your choice of vendor to the event in question and the client it’s for. A company event vendor that’s perfect for one event in terms of pricing, attitude and aesthetic might be all wrong for the next event. Think carefully as well about how each client is going to respond to a particular vendor. Which vendor can most effectively meet the client’s requests and in the right spirit?

Stick to the Process

As you can tell, a lot of quality vendor selection has to do with more intangible factors like attitude, compatibility and philosophy. It’s crucial, however, that you put together a rigid and reliable process to go through in screening and contracting any given company meeting vendor. No one is perfect, and decisions are likely to be better when made collectively. Include multiple people in the planning, screening and negotiation process to be sure you don’t regret the choice of vendor later.

Even when you’ve found what seems to be the perfect vendor for a company meeting, it’s important they go through the same process as any other vendor. Have a team put together a document describing the concrete services you require, as specifically as possible. Then present those documents to the vendor and request a detailed proposal and estimate. Don’t forget to do your background research, and then take your time to be sure the vendor is right for your team and for the specific project.

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