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Unique Experiences: History of The Ride

New Mexico’s nickname is “The Land of Enchantment.”   Marci Alvis certainly found her family’s corner of New Mexico, which she named Indian Head Ranch, to be exactly that!  “There is something about it,” she says, “it’s as if the earth is speaking to me.”

Patrick Swayze discovered the ranch when filming Red Dawn in early 1980’s.  He fell in love with its magic and shared its beauty with his friends Marci and Steve alvis and with his wife Lisa, the four then bought the Ranch, naming it Indian Head Ranch.

In 2008, Steve and Patrick brought the Trail Ride to Indian head Ranch from the Bell Ranch- where it started 30 years prior.  Many well name entertainers were brought in to entertain while the ride was going on. 

After years of seeing the picture books created from the ride, Clare Jackson started wondering why there wasn’t a women’s ride.  Agreeing to arrange all the logistics, Clare shared her decades of event production experience with Marci and Steve generosity, hospitality and vision and the Women’s Trail Ride was created in 2013.

Year after year, the women of the Ladies Ride live the dream and fulfill Marci’s goal of having a space and opportunity where women can push themselves, learn about the values and traditions of an ancient land and its people, connect with each other and themselves and experience the land of enchantment that is New Mexico’s Indian Head Ranch.

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