Community Events

Community Events

Sullivan Group is inspired and motivated by the community that we are proud to be a part of.  International Women’s Forum – IWF- is a leadership and executive development program designed to advance opportunities for women in leadership worldwide.  Clare, our Founder and CEO was asked to Co-Chair the Global Leadership Conference Opening Night Reception in Houston, TX that brought hundreds of executives together from around the world. 

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ReelAbilities Film Festival is the largest film festival in the country dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and achievements of people with various mental and physical disabilities. The key message of inclusion is expressed through film, art, photography, and various speakers. The events are experienced by over 5,000 festival attendees, almost half of which are students yearly.

Sullivan Group produces this 10-day citywide film, art and music festival. In addition to coordinating and executing the logistics for each screening at each location, Sullivan Group coordinated the ticketing process and overall experience for over 30 corporate sponsors and 50 collaborating partners. Additionally, we managed over 100 volunteers and more than 30 speakers’ stage presentation as well as travel and accommodations.

Sullivan Group is more than honored to have made a difference in the community through this festival, changing one perception at a time.

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At Sullivan Group we are the leading Houston community event planner. Contact Sullivan Group today for more information on how we can turn your corporate event idea into an event to remember.

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