Newest Technology Trends That Every Event Planner Should Use

To really make the most out of your events, you need to use the latest in event planning technology. Staying on top of the latest advances puts you ahead of the competition and gives your event production the chance to live up to its full potential. It’s easy to not think about it and keep running events like you always have. New technology means changing the way you do things, and that can be stressful. If you take the time to learn about these new tools and how to use them, however, it will make a huge difference in your business.

New Applications and Platforms

Possibly the most significant event planning changes that have taken place in recent years are the rise of new applications and platforms for events. Smartphone applications built for events let attendees manage their schedules and plan their event experience quickly and easily through their phones. It enables lightning-fast communication with all of your attendees and has everything you might need, from surveys to alerts. Whether these are common apps like Klaxoon or custom-built apps for a specific event, these apps enable a level of communication and constant updates that wasn’t possible before.

New tools like social media and smartphones allow events to expand simultaneously into multiple dimensions. An individual’s experience of an event isn’t limited to just their experience of the physical space but also their concurrent experience of the social media discussion and buzz around an event. By engaging those spaces with your event, you can engage attendees on all of these levels at once. These new, advanced event planning systems can streamline the process of planning the event as well!

Next Level Engagement

New event planning technology also has the potential to radically change the physical experience of the event for your clients. Never settle for simple PowerPoint slides with presentations when there are so many opportunities out there for presentation technologies that really bring audiences in. You can use video to pull people in with sound and animation instead of using dry presentations with just a verbal display and more text on the screen.

Anytime you can do something different and exciting that works with the event, you have a chance of making a bigger impact on audiences and keeping them paying attention. Mixing things up between presentations with entertainment, lights and music lets you not only keep people engaged but also control the mood of the gathering.

Think Outside the Box

These are all relatively simple ways to use new technologies to increase engagement and efficiency in your event planning systems. If you want to bring it up to an even higher level, however, and really prove that you’re at the cutting edge of new developments, you can upgrade your event with other new technologies like drones. Many event planners use flying drones to capture aerial photos and video of events to use for promotion or even for live videos to run during the event.

New tools like RFID technology and facial recognition can let you smooth out registration and financial transactions to help your event run well. Meanwhile, virtual reality is also an exciting, new developing tool that gives you the chance to create something unique for your attendees.

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