Entertainment Trends for Corporate Events in 2019

If you’re a professional working in event production, you know how important it is to always stay on top of the latest corporate event trends. You’ve got to be prepared to give your clients the best event possible at the cutting edge of event entertainment. High-quality entertainment ensures guests have a good time and that the event is a success for the client’s brand. Plan ahead for 2019 now and be prepared to seal the deal with top-notch entertainment that pushes your events to the next level. Here are some of the biggest new entertainment trends you need to be aware of.

Make It Interactive

One of the biggest trends for corporate events is to make your event interactive. Guests aren’t going to be fully engaged if they’re only passive audience members the whole time. Find ways for them to participate and help shape the special environment you’re building at your event. Interactive entertainment planning is fun and memorable and makes an event far more meaningful for guests. Engage participants in real time on social media and run tweets on monitors around the event space. Beyond social media, you can bring in interactive digital photo booths to add to the fun and give guests a way to connect. Top digital photo services can set up greenscreens and video-producing technology to kick things up a notch and let your guests get creative.

Bring in the Music

Another big feature of the most recent corporate event trends is live music or other live entertainment. A well-chosen performer can bring so much to an event and make it something extra special for guests. You can tie it into the theme of the event as well. Let the event itself and the audience you’re working with a guide you in your choice of performers. As a corporate event planner, you have options that larger events don’t. Bringing a popular entertainer into the special space can create an unforgettable experience that your guests won’t get anywhere else. Having close access to a performer playing to a small crowd in an intimate setting is something far beyond a normal concert experience. You’re not just incorporating an already existing show into your event, you’re creating something different and special.

Be Unpredictable

There are many different popular trends for corporate events that change all the time. However, the most important thing you can do to keep your events fresh and meaningful for clients and guests is to mix things up. In order to truly engage guests at an event, you need to show them that this event isn’t going to be like all the rest. Everything traditional and predictable lets guests who’ve seen it all before starting to check out, and that’s not what you want. At the beginning of your program, you have 10 seconds to make an impression. You need to show the arriving participants that this event is going to be worth their time and their participation. The launch is essential for setting the tone for the event and getting participants to buy in and engage from the start. Mixing things up and including surprises is huge for the beginning of the event and can help keep people’s attention and engagement throughout the event. Read more from Sullivan Group to learn about Entertainment trends in 2019! Contact Sullivan Group today!