Planning Budget-Friendly Corporate Events

Putting together events for businesses that really make an impact and surpass expectations is hard, especially when money is tight. Figuring out how to set up budget-friendly corporate events that still leave everyone satisfied can be a significant challenge. Here are a couple of tips for doing something great with limited resources.

Choose Your Venue Carefully

One of the biggest costs in planning corporate events is choosing a venue. Not just any setting will do for your big event, but a careful choice can make a huge difference in terms of keeping costs low. If possible, find a venue that crosses multiple items off of your to-do list. Some venues may come with sound equipment, stages or other infrastructure already, while other venues may require separate arrangements, which can add up quickly cost-wise.

Truly budget-friendly event venues are venues that can fit with your theme and event tone with little to no work decorating or dressing up the place. The less additional investment a venue will require, the better. Another way you can cut down on costs is by considering parking. Venues with more available parking mean less cost and effort to work out other parking options for attendees.

Cut Back on Food

For budget-friendly event planning, identifying your priorities is a must. Figure out what amenities are necessary for a fantastic experience, and cut down on the rest. One common place to trim back expenses is on food. Food can be great and satisfying for all without overly expensive items like shellfish or truffles.

While everyone loves an open bar, running budget-friendly corporate events may require making some sacrifices. Limiting people with drink tickets is a good way to include the fun of the wine and alcohol options while keeping those costs from spiraling out of control.

Watch the Calendar 

An easy way to reduce costs and give you more of a margin to focus on quality is to be intentional in scheduling your event. Having the event on a weekday instead of a weekend shouldn’t necessarily have a huge impact on the experience of attendees, but it will lower the cost pretty seriously. Keep this in mind as you shop around for budget-friendly event venues as well. Venues’ prices shift quite a bit around holidays and certain seasons. Planning carefully beforehand can give you more money to focus on providing a unique, memorable experience for everyone who attends, and that’s what it’s all about. 

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