How to Create an Efficient One Plate Lunch Solution for Time-sensitive Events

The business lunch menu is a critical part of the fast-paced world of biz luncheons. It has to fit the event perfectly, allowing things to move smoothly and without interruption. It’s about far more than food. It’s about creating a seamless, engaging event that people will look forward to in advance and thoroughly appreciate when it’s done.

Why are conference lunch ideas such a big part of this process? If you put food out at the beginning of the event, it can turn by the time the event is over. At room temperature, that time window for freshness is thin. Neither alternative is very good, however. You can either put the food out later, potentially distracting and frustrating guests, or you can clear plates in the middle of the event. Nothing is more distracting. It takes away from the vibe of the event and can even interfere with networking, the part of the event that people look forward to the most.

New Creative Corporate Lunch Ideas: Our Solution

Don’t worry; we have the solution. Here at Sullivan Group, we specialize in a one-plate lunch. It gives the guests the food they need when they want it, and it completely eliminates the need for the distraction of clearing in the middle of the event. As soon as the program starts, the food is placed on the table. When the program ends, we clear the settings. It’s that simple.

How Do We Do It?

We make these conference lunch ideas possible by offering two- and three-course options, though served on a single plate. The lunch, for instance, includes soup, salad, a room-temperature protein option, vegetables, bread and a dessert.

We created this business lunch menu exclusively for these events because it all centers around the goal of providing a complete, delicious meal that can stay on the table for the entire event and stay fresh the entire time. We never distract from networking, presentations or any other part of the event. We put you and your guests first every step of the way.

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