Our Most Instagrammable Events of 2019

Rice Design Alliance (RDA)

The most effective Instagrammable events strategically incorporate branding where it will always appear in the background. We accomplished this for Rice Design Alliance’s annual gala by displaying the brand on screens and incorporating company colors throughout the walls and ceiling. The Rice Design Alliance‘s annual gala was designed to celebrate leaders in the architecture, engineering, design, and construction communities to bring awareness to the importance of design in everyday life. Guests gathered for an evening filled with inspiring company, a design-focused silent auction, three-course meal, and entertainment.

Our Most Instagrammable Events of 2019 1

Vopak at HMFA Van Gogh

To create this Insta-worthy moment, we asked, “what feeling will this evoke?” Sullivan Group staged this “wow” moment by alluding to Vopak’s value of a “team spirit” with the tight-knit seating arrangement as well as bringing guests into the past with a menu based on the paintings, photographs, and life stories of Van Gogh surrounding them. As a sponsor of the recent Van Gogh exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Vopak hosted employees and their spouses to an evening event filled with art, music, and food.  Hitting all of the senses, each course was inspired by a Van Gogh art piece and musical number.

Our Most Instagrammable Events of 2019 2

ReelMusic at White Oak Music Hall

Experiential events are huge right now! This Instagrammable sing-along brought guests together in the moment and created a heartfelt memory. ReelMusic is one branch of a 10-day citywide film, art and music festival promoting inclusion for people living with disabilities. Signature events include a speaker series, film screenings, corporate and education screenings, art exhibits and a music night.

Our Most Instagrammable Events of 2019 3

BHP Holiday at The Post Oak

Make your photo-op backdrop post-worthy by providing guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in an installation. Here we took something as simple as Christmas baubles and created a larger than life garland.  This was BHP‘s end of year holiday celebration for employees. Always maintaining the company’s core values, the theme and environment were tailored to align with the current leadership’s vision for the next year of success.

Our Most Instagrammable Events of 2019 4

Cambria Hotel Grand Opening

A guest lounge area is a great place for curating an Instagrammable scene. You can incentivize sharing branded hashtag posts with a raffle for centerpieces at the end. Attendees are more likely to post and share in the moment, while the excitement is fresh.  The grand opening of Cambria‘s new hotel located in downtown Houston was a full-day celebration event. Guests were invited to attend multiple floors, each floor providing a different experience and accommodation of the hotel.

Our Most Instagrammable Events of 2019 5

Main Street in Big Spring, Texas for Stronghold

Ask your photographer to capture a few shots before the crowd rolls in and the sun goes down, as we did here during sound check. We brought the entire Big Spring, TX community together for an evening of singing and dancing while watching Shane Smith and the Saints and Jason Boland and the Stragglers perform. Adding a famous face to any event will draw a crowd and get people snapping photos. An unforgettable opportunity for meet and greets will encourage lots of photography. Don’t forget creative signage and branding to make it extra appealing!

Our Most Instagrammable Events of 2019 6

Association of Space Explorers

Everyone wants to document a notable performance. Hiring performers for your event to encourage more interaction between attendees while also providing an Instagrammable real-life backdrop! Here Texas A&M Corp of Cadets created an over-the-top welcome with a sword arch for guests to walk through for a grand arrival into the Museum of Fine Arts. Astronauts and cosmonauts gathered to celebrate the anniversary of the Apollo program at the Museum of Fine Arts with the Association of Space Explorers.  Video, art, spoken word, music, and dance highlighted the history of the program.

Our Most Instagrammable Events of 2019 7

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