Austin Business Relations Development Event Planning

Reduce cost and increase efficiency for your next event with Sullivan Group.

We have decades of experience in Austin business development event planning, and we coordinate over 400 events each year. You can count on our Austin business relations event planners to not just handle the logistics of your event but also help you reach your business objectives.

Helping Clients Save Money

Sullivan Group strives to be your “everything” for Austin business event planning. From choosing the site of your business relations meeting to arranging transportation and hotel stays for guests, our consultants have you covered.

Over the years, our business event planning Austin TX has built up good relationships with many suppliers and vendors in the area, and we’re happy to pass these savings along to our customers. Also, our consultants can advise you as to which areas you can save money on, helping you to reduce costs further.

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Making All Events a Success

Aside from helping our clients to save money with better contract negotiations, better connections and better financial guidance, our business development event planning in Austin TX offers many other benefits. For example:

  • Registration. An Austin business relations event planner will coordinate both on-site and off-site registration, ensuring that the process is easy for guests and that all contact information is well-organized and accessible.
  • Catering. Let a business relations event planner in Austin TX help you select a catering company. Whether it’s finger foods or a sit-down dinner, we know which catering companies have the best flavors.
  • Site Selection. Need a big banquet hall for your event? Or maybe you just need a small meeting room with a stage for a guest speaker. Our business event planning Austin TX knows all the venues in the area.
It won’t take long before you see just how much money you can save with professional Austin business development event planning!

Get started planning your next event by calling Sullivan Group! Our Austin business development event planning will ensure that your event is a huge success!

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