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Sullivan Group is a premier event management company that has been planning corporate events for over 25 years.

Our Austin special event production coordinators are professionally educated and have extreme passion for what they do. Our coordinators have established many wonderful connections that allow us to offer competitive rates, flexible dates/times and other perks. As a matter of fact, our clients are often surprised to see just how easy and affordable it can be to hire Austin special event production planning services!


Whether it’s a corporate event, a team building event, a corporate meeting for 100 people or an international event for 1,500, Sullivan Group’s corporate event planning team will transform it into a Big Idea that leaves a lasting impact.  Our event planners and meeting management teams focus on strategy, planning and execution to create and manage experiential events, making them truly unforgettable.

So let’s engage.  See how a Big Idea can turn your corporate meeting into an unforgettable event.

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What are the Benefits to Working with Sullivan Group?

There are many great reasons to work with a team of special event production coordinators in Austin TX. Let’s take a look at a few of them!

  • Save Time. Our Austin special event production coordinators will handle all of the details so that you don’t have to! Imagine how much time you’ll save by not having to reserve hotel rooms, negotiate contracts, select the right venue and catering companies, etc.
  • Save Money. Do you really know how much you should be paying on things like food, drinks and entertainment? Probably not. And since you don’t have the connections like our event planners do, you won’t get the same competitive prices. Our event coordinators will pass these discounts onto you and help you cut out unnecessary expenses.
  • Professional Advertising. You want your event to be a success, and our Austin special event production planning can help with that! With professional advertising services, you can get the word out there that your company is behind an upcoming event that will be out of this world!
  • Peace of Mind. Won’t it be nice to enjoy your own event for a change? When you partner with special event production planning in Austin TX, you can enjoy the production and not worry about the details. This peace of mind is worth everything, and it gives you reassurance that others will think positively of your brand.


Regardless of size or budget, our proprietary approach and impeccable execution has earned us the enduring trust of our clients.  Even if you have limited time and resources, your corporate meeting deserves to live up to the highest expectations. Our full-service corporate event planning and meeting management company brings profound energy and passion to the table while helping our clients save time, money and stress. Whether you have a 100 person event, or a Houston Super Bowl event, nothing is too big or too small for Houston’s best event planning company.

Let’s engage.

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