Dallas Corporate Team Building Event Facilitators

Don’t stress about your upcoming corporate event!

Sullivan Group has a team of energetic, knowledgeable Dallas corporate event facilitators who are eager to help.

When you hire us to coordinate your event, you don’t have to worry about arranging dates, confirming head counts or checking to see if venues are available. All of the details are handled for you by our Dallas team building event planners so that you can focus your attention on more important things.

Why Hire Dallas Corporate Event Planners

Most people find that working with Dallas corporate event facilitators actually saves them money because they are able to get better prices from suppliers and vendors as well as better negotiating power. Plus, corporate event facilitators in Dallas TX know where you can cut corners and save some dough.

It’s also worth mentioning that team building event planners in Dallas TX save you headache and stress. Rather than worrying about what’s going on with the event, you can actually enjoy it!


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Why Choose Sullivan Group

If you’re ready to partner with corporate event planners in Dallas TX, you’ll love what Sullivan Group can do for you. We bring decades of experience to the table, and all of our Dallas team building event planners are professionally educated.

Whether you’re hosting a small event with 100 people or a large event with people from all over the world, our event coordinators will give your special occasion the attention it deserves to succeed.


Sometimes it can seem like a waste of money to hire people to do things for you when you can do them yourself. But if you’ve ever tried to plan a corporate event before, you know that these meetings involve a lot of planning, coordinating and organizing to be successful.

Let’s engage.

Get started with your event by speaking with one of our Dallas corporate event facilitators today! We can be reached by phone, or you can fill out our Event Inquiry form.
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