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Association of Space Explorers

The Association of Space Explorers held its 32nd Annual Planetary Congress in Houston, hosting astronauts and cosmonauts from 38 nations and paying tribute to the anniversary of the Apollo Program.  The final night of the Congress took place at the Museum of Fine Arts celebrating the history of the international space program and the beauty of outer space through video, art, spoken word, musical and dance performances.

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Client Events

Sullivan Group created a customer event, in conjunction with an annual conference, for our client. The guests were invited, by way of a custom, themed invitation, to a cocktail party at a local hotel, where the group could gather.  They are then transferred, with a police escort, to a surprise location that is unique and on theme with our client’s corporate marketing message. Guests then enjoyed an elegant and upscale dinner, themed entertainment, and networking throughout the evening.

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Client Events

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