Houston Corporate Executive Retreat Planning

For over 25 years, the Houston corporate retreat planners from Sullivan Group have been planning successful events.

We are a leader in both domestic and international events, and we plan over 400 events a year. Whether you have something small and intimate in mind, or you’re planning on inviting tens of thousands of people, we have you covered.

Corporate retreats are very important for organizations because they allow everyone to get away from it all, restructure teams and bring out the best in various leaders. Yet in order for everything to run smoothly, it’s important that you partner with the right corporate retreat planners in Houston TX.

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What are the Benefits of Partnering with Houston Corporate Retreat Planners?

In order for a corporate retreat to run smoothly, you need to partner with someone. When you work with a professional retreat planning company like Sullivan Group, you get a well-organized, well-coordinated event with all the right connections. Here are some of the benefits of hiring Houston corporate retreat planning for your next event.

  • Cost. It’s not cheaper to plan a retreat on your own. A seasoned retreat planner has the right relationships with vendors, suppliers, venues and more. They also know how to save money on things that aren’t necessary.
  • Experience. You can’t put a price on Houston executive retreat planning experience. Event planners know how to put on successful events, how to prevent common mishaps and how to bounce back if problems do occur.
  • Time. Chances are, you don’t have unlimited time on your hands. With so much needing to be scheduled, confirmed and checked, it’s nice to have corporate retreat planning in Houston TX negotiating on your behalf.

What Types of Things Can Executive Retreat Planning in Houston TX Help With?

The right Houston executive retreat planning will cover all your bases, no matter how small. Here are some examples.

  • Site selection
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Speaker and content management
  • Transportation accommodations
  • Registration (online and on-site)
  • Food and beverages
  • Staffing
  • Decor, gifts and promotional items
  • Social media marketing

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