Sullivan Groups Tips: How to Plan a Destination Corporate Event

A popular and exciting way to take a corporate retreat or product launch to the next level is to make it a destination event. It’s not simple to plan or put together, but once you’re there, the setting alone can make an event truly memorable and worthwhile. Take a look at these easy destination corporate event tips for putting one of these events together step by step.

Find the Right Venue

If your clients are interested in destination corporate events, chances are that they already have an idea of where they’d like to do it. The client should be able to explain what they’re looking for in a destination, whether it’s a beach setting, a mountain escape, an island or city abroad, or whatever else they’re imagining. 

The important work for you at this stage in destination corporate event planning will be identifying at least two or three appropriate venues in suitable locations that fit the client’s budget and expectations. Find options and gather details, and then let the client make the choice.

Visit and Make Connections

If you’re still learning how to plan destination events, you should know that event management companies on location will make your job a lot easier. Once you have your venue picked out, you can visit and connect with possible partner companies to help you realize your plan. 

This is also when you’ll need to start figuring out logistics for the event as you work with companies there. How will you provide transportation? Where will you get food and other equipment needed?

Get Creative 

Once you have the basic plan put together and you’ve got local partners to give you destination corporate event tips and ideas, you’re ready to start imagining what you can do to make the event extra special. What will it look like? Where will you go for programming? 

Take advantage of the setting in planning your actual event. Get the participants out of the hotel! Destination corporate events that keep attendees inside and don’t let them experience the setting aren’t getting the full value out of the cost.

Visit Again Before the Event

Before the final event, you’ll need to visit the site again to make sure everything is set up. Handling planning at a distance is challenging, especially when navigating cultural differences, and you really need to spend time on the ground to ensure there aren’t any surprises later on. Make sure you have the client’s final approval on all of your on-site plans and get ready to give attendees a memorable and lasting experience!

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