for events of all sizes

Sullivan Group promises to plan and execute your event to the highest standard of quality and service. We can provide a full-service turnkey solution or a la cart services if you just need help hiring a band or staffing for guest check-in. These are just some of the services we offer. Contact us to see how we can tailor services to your special event.  

Venue Research and Selection

  • Assist in the destination and venue selection with specific objectives in mind
  • Negotiate contracts for concessions and reduced rates on client’s behalf
  • Provide an availability overview to client detailing all venues researched for event

Creative and Strategic Theme Implementation

  • Making creative and strategic theme recommendations based on a client’s objectives
  • Recommendations can be depicted in drawings and renderings focusing on major design elements

*Renderings, pending design, wil be quoted in Estimated Investment

Project Plan and Timeline

  • Coordinate with the client to produce a comprehensive project plan to facilitate event planning and management
  • Plan will include key dates such as:
    • Development of the Project Plan
    • Site visits and team meetings
    • Collateral design, distribution, and production
    • Communication Plan
    • Required contract deadlines and invoice payments
    • Registration deadlines, final guarantees for F&B, rooming list cut-off dates (if applicable)
    • Staff orientation and training (if applicable)

Pre-Event Marketing Concept Development

  • Create a pre-event marketing plan for the convention, meeting, or event
  • Recommendations may include:
    • Internet and email blast marketing campaign
    • Social media marketing plan
    • Public relations firms and marketing personnel to help advertise and market the event

Budget Analysis

  • Submit an Estimated Investment based on the compilation and review of all vendor proposals
  • Negotiate with suppliers and vendors the best available rates and work in earnest to keep suppliers and vendors within the client’s budget
  • Provide client with a written “Change Order” should additional expenses arise outside of the approved Estimated Investment
  • Provide a compilation of all final expenses no later than 30 days after the event 
  • All expenses negotiated or contracted by Sullivan Group are subject to a 12% professional fee
  • Sullivan Group accepts payment via cash, check, wire transfer, or credit card. Credit card payments are subject or 3% convenience fee. 
  • All invoice payments are due within 30 days of receipt

Facility Management

  • Coordinate with event venue for necessary requirements pertaining to all logistics of physical set-up including:
    • Ensuring all necessary permits are obtained by the venue
    • Consulting with the venue’s staff to establish all audio visual requirements
    • Providing vendors and venues with a production schedule to coordinate the event from load-in to load-out
    • Evaluating efficient security, first aid, and emergency procedures
    • Evaluating ADA requirements and accessibility needs

Food and Beverage

  • Supervise venue or caterer for all food and beverage service logistics including attention to the following:
    • Menu selections and tasting
    • Final guarantees
    • Guest ratio for buffets and bars
    • Traffic flow
    • Appropriate staffing
    • Table, buffet, bar placement and service
    • Seating and table placement
    • Prep and plating station placement and logistics
  • Food and beverage, pending event needs, will be quoted separately in Estimated Investment

Event Rentals

  • Procure any equipment rentals and purchases necessary to produce event including but not limited to:
    • Staging and backdrops
    • Tables, chairs, lounge or other furniture
    • Linens, chair covers, napkins, rugs, or other soft goods
    • Floral or other centerpieces
    • Functional and/or ambient lighting
    • Audio visual equipment
    • Generators, lifts, or other heavy equipment
  • Rentals, pending event needs, will be quoted separately in Estimated Investment


  • Coordinate the development, scripting, rehearsal, physical set-up and management of all contracted talent including but not limited to:
    • Motivational or instructional speakers
    • Historical figures
    • Musical entertainment
    • Variety artists, characters or performers
    • Sports figures
    • Celebrities
  • Manage and oversee rider requirements of any contracted talent
  • Speaker/Talent fees and rider requirements, pending needs, will be quoted in Estimated Investment

Audio Visual Production

  • Make recommendation, coordinate, design and develop all media applications with event strategy in mind, including:
    • Audio visual production needs
    • Video production
    • Special effects, pyrotechnics, and lasers
    • Computer interfacing
    • Multimedia systems
    • Scenic construction which may include stage sets and/or appropriate ambient decor
    • Technicians
  • Pending needs, a quote for the above services will be quoted in Estimated Investment

Speaker Coordination

  • Coordinate and manage event presenters from research to event execution
  • Services may include:
    • Research potential speakers with event strategy in mind
    • Manage all speaker communication
    • Confirm presentation and rider requirements
    • Manage all travel, transportation and accommodation needs
    • Create and communicate all rehearsal schedules; Management of rehearsals


  • Coordinate and manage event presenters from research to event execution
  • Pending event needs, security personnel can consist of uniformed or plain-clothed officers licensed and trained in the following:
    • Command operation
    • Safety and medical procedures
    • Crowd control
    • Traffic and parking
    • Communication with local police and fire departments
    • Firearms
  • Security Personnel fees may apply, pending event and venue requirements, and will be quoted in Estimated Investment

Emergency and Risk Management

  • Provide a plan to include a review of the following:
    • Security
    • Fire Marshall approved layout
    • First Aid and EMS
    • Evacuation plan to include well-identified and visible exit signs and muster points
    • Permits and licenses
    • Venue compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act
    • Federal, state, and local regulations
    • Insurance certificates for each vendor and supplier
    • Emergency communication plan

Registration and Database Management

  • Implement and/or support a customized registration process or website
  • Services may include:
    • Invitation distribution via email and/or regular post (courier fees and additional postage may apply)
    • Event registration or RSVP management
    • Weekly report on confirmed attendance
    • Name badge production (a separate quote will be provided for materials)
    • Management of onsite registration (additional staff may be required)
  • Custom registration website, pending needs, will be quoted in Estimated Investment
  • Onsite registration staff, pending needs, will be quoted in Estimated Investment at $45 per person per hour

Transportation and Parking

  • Oversee all logistics pertaining to transportation and parking pending event needs
  • Services may include:
    • Coordination and management of transportation vehicles
    • Sourcing vendor and guest parking
    • Coordination and management of valet services
  • Fees for valet services, parking lot/garage usage, and/or transportation vehicles will be quoted in Estimated Investment

Staffing Requirements 

  • Provide onsite event producers for the duration of the event
  • Make recommendations for additional staff according to estimated number of guests and flow of the event, which may include:
    • Technical staff
    • Photographer and/or videographer
    • Registration staff
    • Waitstaff, bartenders, bussing staff, etc.
  • Any additional staff deemed necessary by Sullivan Group, and approved by the client, will be interviewed and screened by Sullivan Group prior to the event
  • Fees for additional staffing, pending needs, will be quoted in Estimated Investment

Hospitality Desk 

  • Coordinate and manage hospitality desk staffing to assist guests with:
    • Event agenda
    • Transportation needs
    • Flight changes and information
    • Incoming and outgoing messages
    • Emergency management
  • Onsite hospitality desk staff, pending needs, will be quoted in Estimated Investment at $45 per person per hour

Signage and Brand-Activation 

  • Coordinate with client to assess signage requirements and make recommendations for a signage plan to provide Brand Activation:
    • Vinyl stickers and/or signs for rental furniture, walls, windows, elevator doors, floors, vehicles, etc.
    • Directional signage
    • Custom signage with event, company, and/or sponsor specific logos
    • Short turnaround printing needs
    • Branded napkins, cusps, giveaway items, etc.
    • Assist with design and collateral development as needed to promote and enhance the event
  • Provide logistics, located in the Production Schedule, for printing, hanging and placement of signage and collateral materials
  • Printing and production of signage, collateral and printed materials, pending needs, will be quoted in Estimated Investment

Graphic Design 

  • Develop and design your ideas and concepts to be formatted for either print or electronic communication

*Graphic design time, pending needs, will be quoted in Estimated Investment

Ancillary Services 

  • Assist client in the shipping and receiving of necessary items to the venue and any other necessary functions pertaining to the event
    • Ensuring timely delivery of event materials to specific event space
    • Acquiring proper and secure storage onsite
    • Utilizing local resources to acquire and must-have items
    • Ensuring proper business and office resources are available
    • Coordination of room drop gifts or welcome amenities with the venue (additional fees may apply per venue)

*Additional fees for shipping/receiving, supplies, office rentals, room drop delivery, etc., pending needs, will be quoted in Estimated Investment

Site Visits, Team Meetings, and Progress Reports 

  • Conduct site visits to meet with venue staff, suppliers, vendors, transportation, etc.
  • Participate in team meetings with the client
  • Keep the client informed of the ongoing event progress

Communication Equipment 

  • Provide communication equipment on a per-event basis. Equipment will consist of licensed two-way radios with optional digital weather monitoring systems and accessories

*Communication equipment rental, pending event needs and number of staff on-site, will be quoted in Estimated Investment

Production Schedule 

  • Produce a comprehensive and precise document detailing meeting days, special events and onsite management
  • The Production Schedule will include:
    • Detailed timeline for each specific event
    • Power and vendor requirements
    • Load-in logistics
    • Strike logistics
    • Emergency resources and facility names, addresses, and telephone numbers
    • Areas of responsibility
    • Appropriate dress
    • Time requirements
    • Contingency plan
    • Communication plan
    • Security detail