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How to Prepare for an Event Crisis

No matter how hard you work as an event planner, there is always something that will go wrong. Nothing is ever going to work out perfectly, which is unfortunate, but it’s easier to prepare yourself for the worst when you accept that it’s going to happen sometimes. You...

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3 Ways to Advertise for an Event

Marketing is a crucially important step in event planning. If people don’t know the event is happening or anything about it, how will you get them to show up? Effective advertising for your event requires careful thought and planning. From the beginning, you should...

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Budgeting Strategies for a Corporate Event

When you’re responsible for planning a corporate event, brainstorming and generating ideas is often one of the easiest parts. One of the more difficult but also crucial parts of the planning process, however, has to do with the money. It’s nearly impossible to...

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Event Management Tips from Sullivan Group’s CEO

Clare Sullivan knows how to produce a party. The CEO of the Sullivan Group studied hotel management at the University of Houston and got her start working with Four Seasons, but it was when she entered full-time event production that things really got going. She...

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How to Become a Certified Corporate Event Planner

As you’re building a career producing events, gaining experience with different projects, there are a couple of priorities you should set for yourself to help you get established. You have to build your team, you need to network and build up a client base and you...

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